Thursday, 7 January 2016

Manipulating the power of Youtube

YouTube- the video sharing website we are all obsessed with, from watching the latest music videos to stupid but funny challenges. Of course all that is fun and dandy but if you want to start making money doing something you are passionate about, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge sure won’t make that happen.

Instead, use this wonderful and resourceful website to learn a skill that will help you to find a job or start a business of your dreams. You can find pretty much everything on YouTube from makeup tutorials to How-to videos on graphic design and jewelry making. There is so much to learn, even if you are formally trained, YouTube can help if you seek to update your skills. For example, a nail technician can learn the latest techniques and design trends all on You Tube.
I have learnt numerous skills on YouTube, which has helped me in many aspects of my life- work related to basic domestic repairs. The key to finding a skill to learn on the site is finding quality videos done by professionals or experts in that field with a sizable following and viewership.